A Hero of Peace

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011. RIP.

"There is absolutely no doubt that Steve Jobs is a symbol of all that is right with markets and capitalism. This is a man who became very, very rich by making many people's lives very much better. He was a master at creating value and persuading people... that they wanted things they didn't know they wanted. He should be part of the pantheon of human heroes. Unlike the political and military heroes of war we too often celebrate, Jobs is a hero of peace. He made his money through persuasion not at the point of a gun, and through mutual benefit not oppression and exploitation. Those of us who really desire a peaceful society should not celebrate those who were victorious in war, but those who created value through peaceful, voluntary, mutually beneficial exchange - exchanges that happen billions of times every single day. And we should do it no matter whether what was exchanged was electronic bits of magic, food for us to eat, or financial instruments that improve the movement of capital. They all create value and improve our lives, and all of their benefits are deserved. Thanks for everything Steve and thanks for making the world a better place one peaceful cooperative exchange at a time." (S. Horwitz)

Jobs was a man with extraordinary vision, drive, and success, and the technology he helped create has touched and enriched the lives of billions. He focused on creating things of simplicity and beauty matched by underlying power and utility. When composing this entry, I was surprised to find myself so moved. You can find images of Steve Jobs here, along with a few remembrances from around the world.