Flying Orthodox Church-in-a-Box

While looking for stories for my "law and religion news roundup" I came across this gem:

The Russian military unveiled an unlikely new weapon in its arsenal this month – an army of parachuting priests . . . While the Russian army insists this is the first ever flying chapel in the world, Orthodox Christianity is not the first to bring mobile worship to the battlefield. The Israeli Defense Force launched a mobile synagogue initiative in 2011 to allow troops to pray more comfortably as they operate the Iron Dome anti-missile system in southern Israel. The UK Friends of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers (UKAWIS) has provided such mobile synagogues – which contain an ark, reader's platform and washbasin – as "a source of spiritual sustenance [for the soldiers] as they carry the weight of Israel's security on their shoulders."

Also in a box: A Jew in Berlin. Yes, really.