Canal House Cooks Everyday


Book Review - I never thought I'd include a cookbook in a review series. First, because I'd never read one before, and second, because I didn't think they said much more than 1 cup of this or 2 tablespoons of that. But this cookbook, which I happened upon while searching for winter soup recipes, is really special. The Canal House Cooks are two women, Hirsheimer and Hamilton, who have built an enterprise that the New York Times calls a foodie fantasy. "Really, these women might as well have stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting. After decades at the pinnacle of New York food magazines, they set up shop along the Delaware River, just across from New Hope, Pennsylvania. In their little town, there's still a noon whistle, and church bells toll the hour. Their studio, located in an old redbrick warehouse, overlooks a canal. But 'studio' makes their loft sound professional. They prepare food on an old wooden carpenter's worktable, with their pots and pans hanging overhead. They cook on the kind of stoves you find in rental apartments. They have a dishwasher, but prefer to clean up by hand."

I ordered Canal House Cooks Everyday immediately, and have started trying some of the very easy seasonal recipes. As a novice cook, I appreciate that the recipes are unfussy; I love fancy food but I definitely don't want to cook it myself. I love that there are poems and stories scattered throughout, and that the cover is red and cloth-bound and imprinted with the phrase "Eat well, be happy." It also contains some gorgeous photography. Books, of course, are magical, and this book makes me want to cook everyday.