Origins of the Refugee Crisis

I found myself nodding my head vigorously as I read this article. Yes, I believe the West had a moral obligation to address the festering problem in Syria years ago, and yes, I believe the leaders of the free world are responsible, in part, for the worsening refugee crisis. I won't argue that war is the answer - most of the time it is not - but at minimum, there should have been safe havens in place years ago. The millions of refugees flowing into Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan were met with feeble responses, most often, "What can the Alliance do with a lack of political will? And anyway, Assad's air defense is too strong." I kept thinking: It's going to get really bad and then what are world leaders going to do? The answer is clear now: nothing at all. Excerpted from the American Interest article linked above:

"To see the full cynicism of the Obama approach to the refugee issue, one has only to ask President Obama’s least favorite question: Why is there a Syrian refugee crisis in the first place?

Obama’s own policy decisions—allowing Assad to convert peaceful demonstrations into an increasingly ugly civil war, refusing to declare safe havens and no fly zones—were instrumental in creating the Syrian refugee crisis. This crisis is in large part the direct consequence of President Obama’s decision to stand aside and watch Syria burn. For him to try and use a derisory and symbolic program to allow 10,000 refugees into the United States in order to posture as more caring than those evil Jacksonian rednecks out in the benighted sticks is one of the most cynical, cold-blooded, and nastily divisive moves an American President has made in a long time.

Moreover, many of those “benighted” people were willing to sign up for the U.S. military and go to fight ISIS in Syria to protect the refugees. Many Americans who now oppose the President’s ill-considered refugee program have long supported the use of American power to create “safe zones” in Syria so the refugees could be sheltered and fed in their own country. If President Obama seriously cared about the fate of Syria’s millions of displaced people, he would have started to organize those safe havens years ago. And if he understood the nature of America’s role in Europe, he would have known that working with the Europeans to prevent a mass refugee and humanitarian disaster was something that had to be done."